Friday, October 31, 2014

My Soul Journal

Hello again! 

Right when I jumped head first into altering books, making junk journals and the like, I also dived into art journaling.  What I discovered was that, for me, art journaling is several things.  My first “class” was a series of prompts by Sarah Whitmire, entitled, “Soul Journaling”.  It’s really not a spiritual thing at all, (though I guess it could be), but a way to let go of the inner critic when it comes to anything art related.  It has taken me until now to finish this “class,” and even now, there is a bonus prompt I could do, but really?  I am surprised I stuck with it as long as I did.  I find myself itching for something else now, but this series was so great a service for my mind – and ya know what? My soul.  Go figure! – that I absolutely recommend it to everyone who is curious about this thing called art journaling but have no clue where to start. 

You can find out about the project here: Sarah Whitmire’s Soul Journaling.  (there is a link to 22 free prompts, and then a few more links to more advanced, fee-based projects.)

So here is what I learned through this Soul Journaling process:


Use what you have.  Look around, you have  plenty of opportunities around you.  IMG_6037

Own your work.  Be proud of it.  Take what you find, and make it your own.  Smile at it!


Don’t be afraid to make a mess, or just write how you feel…


…because you can duct tape over it.

Don’t stress over your cutting, painting, handwriting skills.


Let your children see you work, and let them join you…


…you might their pages are your favorite!

Accept that some pages you will not like at all…IMG_8413…maybe because you weren’t in the mood, or was in a hurry, or didn’t really connect with the prompts.  IMG_8417It’s ok.  Why?  because the point isn’t to please others, or even to make something beautiful every single time.  The point (for me) is to simply Do Something. 

No big deal.  It’s only finished when you say it is finished, and if you decide to paint over the whole shebang, do it!


IMG_8414Art Journaling is about trying new things, relaxing into your voice, sometimes having fun,IMG_8415sometimes toiling through something until you make it to the other side.  And when you do, regardless of what others think, you are rather pleased with how it all turned out. 

I am finding that art journaling feeds a need in me to act as a connecting point in my relationship with God, sometimes as an act of praise, sometimes as a way to work through something hard. Sometimes I need to focus on the Word….a Word…and the art helps it settle in my spirit, serves to bind it on my heart.



This journal is done, but I have only begun, and I look forward to sharing more with you!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Altered Reader’s Digest: Purple

Hi again!  I am working to get caught up on all the projects that I started this summer!  This altered book is as cute as can be, and is one of about 15 that I am working on.  I love this little book as a way to:

  • take notes
  • make lists (I love lists!!)
  • record quirky things your kids say
  • fun day planner
  • use for sermon notes
  • gratitude journals
  • prayer journal
  • scrapbook, even!


Every time you turn the page, there is something different to see, and that is one thing I loveLoveLOVE about junk journals!  IMG_6680Between the covers of these altered Reader’s Digest covers, you will see notebook paper, music sheets, typing paper…IMG_6681scrapbook paper, vintage envelopes, vintage cards…IMG_6682a few pockets to hold thing, index cards, cardstock…IMG_6683shoot, even a Yahtzee! scorecard makes it in there!  IMG_6684The holes are reinforced with metal eyelets and bound with binder rings.  This makes them SO customizable. Fill it with more paper, pictures, drawings, receipts, notes, church bulletins – whatever!  You can also add ribbons and charms to the rings for added flare!

I hope you enjoyed this wee walk-through of this junk journal!

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