Friday, July 25, 2014

Journaling Project 2: Gratitude Journal with Japanese Binding

Welcome back! 
IMG_5711I am sharing this new hobby I have, of art journaling, junk journaling – whatever you like to call it.  Like I said in the last post, I finally let go of expectations and just had fun!  It’s the end of July, and I am having the best time with art materials (passed down to me from a dear friend, Mrs. Terrie)!
Here’s the thing, though.  While I really like playing with paint and printing and such, what I have wanted to do for an even longer time is bookbinding.  I am not sure what drew me to it, but for several years, I have wanted to get into it.  With Pinterest, I have been able to do so!  (seriously, I think I go to Pinterest before I Google something.)
This next project was born out of a desire to collect those moments of thanksgiving in my day – another Ann Voskamp idea.  I had printed and laminated the year’s worth of 100 Gifts prompts and decided that a lovely book would be a great way to keep them. 
I took some art paper, cut it to the size I wanted, and then painted the front and back of each page.  It took several sessions, and the pages are a hodge podge of things, but all so that I can write over them and be able to read it. 
The binding is what I am REALLY excited about.  This is called japanese binding, and it’s really nice for this type of book.  I used the tutorial on YouTube ::here::  Sea Lemon is the channel-what-have-you, and she has got soooo many fantastic, professionally done tutorials – I will spend waaaay too much time over there!IMG_5712
I am almost finished with this book, not having followed the prompts at all – which is ok.  I am finding it hard to remember to pull it out to write, but when I do, I sit down and read through them all, which always does my heart good.  I still need to title it, but I figure when it strikes me to do it, then I will SmileIMG_5739
Stay tuned, because I have more I want to show you!  Have you tried making your own books?  Altering a notebook? Allowed yourself to play with paint?  Oh, you should!  And then come tell me about it! yes, yes!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Journaling Project 1: The Toe-Dipper, or, My Brain

You came back! 
Like I said yesterday, I had been wanting to be more creative in my record-keeping, memory-recording habit, but I wasn’t sure how to do it.  I had to first break out of the perfectionist mindset.  That is hard to do! 
I am not into store-boughten calendar and planners; rather, I like a notebook that I can write down what I want, when I want.  I like making lists, doodling, and just being free with the page.  Pinterest led me to Ann Voskamp’s pages on these fresh and free notebooks as a way to chronicle her days.  They are her version of a home management binder, minus the binder and the (rigid) management   Smile  THAT is what I like!  I like ripped pages, notebooks with pages in them that are wavy, full, busy – and a notebook that doesn’t properly close. 
Mid-March, I decided to buy a Vile-mart lined journal that had enough pages to use one side a day through the end of the year.  I got out a date-stamper and began stamping the top of each page with the date, making myself ok with covering if I needed to.  And I did.  zIMG_5606
This notebook, also known as “Mama’s Brain,” has been, from the first, something that was to be filled as I desired, doing whatever – whenever – however.  That first day, I did a page or two here, did something else towards the back…and on it went as I had time, inspiration and inclination. 
I wanted to have pages with something on them, so I could have something fun to look at when I filled it with my jots.  I did so knowing that anything that went in this journal, artwise, could be done over in a flash – so I didn’t feel the need to be perfect or final.  FREEING!!!!IMG_5607
As I would come across textures on paper, images, words I liked, I would tear them out and collect them, with this journal being my canvas.  I began to also consider this a place where the paint and extra bits of other projects could land.  Wasting nothing, and it all cools neat in my eyes. 
The notebook is almost full, and I am prepping another notebook to be my Brain (and I will share it soon!).  I had to rip out lots of pages in order to accommodate al the stuff I have put in here.  I can tell I have let go of at least some perfectionist ideals, as this ripping of pages, and altering of plans didn’t bother me in the least.  Progress, I say!IMG_5608This notebook has sermon notes (below), things the kids said, lists, agendas, book lists, thoughts, personal feelings, prayers, medical notes, numbers and addresses, dates, directions, private thoughts I needed to get out, ephemera and junk from events as a scrapbooker might collect, as well as collage, paint, stenciling, doodles, tip-ins, and lots of washi tape.  I love washi tape!  IMG_5492
This notebook, My Brain, was the project that propelled me into art journaling and junk journaling and I am so grateful.  While I worked on this book, and still have it ready to use through July, I have tried so many new things, and I would like to share them with you.  Come back and see what’s been going on here at The Creek!

Monday, July 21, 2014

I finally acted on my desire to play with paper and paint

IMG_5603As much as I like technology, I can not part with pen and paper.  And for a long, long time, I have wanted to ditch store-boughten journals, planners, calendars and the rest of it for homemade versions that reflected me.  The trouble was, I didn’t know how to go about it. 

Enter Pinterest. 

I finally pushed aside my “it won’t look as good as theirs” mindset and WHOA! what a difference it made!  I have been playing and sharing on my personal Facebook page (and a little on the blog’s fb page as well), because it’s as if doing so is *part* of that freeing process! 

Playing with paint and paper isn't all I have been doing, but I will share that with you later…

What I do might not look cool to anyone else but me – and that’s ok!  I just like playing, trying, and getting my fingers messy!  I will be sharing what I’ve made and am working on, with the hopes that YOU will ditch any thoughts of “I'm not good enough” and let your creative voice holler!

I’ll be back soon to share what my first project was – the Toe-Dipper, if you like! 


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