Friday, February 6, 2015

DF/DLP2015–Finishing Up January

I have begun a mash-up of 2 year-long projects: Documented Faith (DF) and Documented Life Project (DLP).  I make no claims at being “good” at art, but I love to play and that’s all that matters to me.  I am learning all sorts of things, but the hardest lesson to learn is to go with the flow, and stop critizing everything I do.  Sharing, in some odd way, helps me work through the noise that inner critic makes. 

And so I play.

What I have here are two…nay, three weeks’ worth of DF/DLP.  I did one thing, a little of another, and ended up with what I’ve got – a mash-up of a mash-up :)

One 2-page spread is based on DLP2015 week 2(?) journaling prompt, which is  “The beginning is always today” by Mary Shelley.  This is almost my FFN (Finished For Now) spread.  The only thing I added after this picture is I doodled a bit around all the words, lines and scallops.  I really don’t think it’s done, hence the FFN classification, but I’ll return if and when I feel like it.



The next week’s art challenge for DLP was “The Color Wheel”, but another week’s art challenge: gesso.  I worked through several ideas, settling on the background that I have enjoyed making so much: the quilted background.  You can read about my sharing of this with my church girls HERE and my run-down of my process HERE.

SA reeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to help me, and Control Freak Mama had a reeeeeeeeeeeeelly hard time giving up that Inktense block.  But finally I did – growth, people, growth!  I am growing! IMG_9821

Paint scraping, pen doodling, archival ink stamping …IMG_9841

… a couple Studio Calico stencils with gesso, which gives a lot of texture…IMG_9842

…using the residual gesso and the stencils as a stamp …IMG_9843

… and pulling out the much-loved bubble wrap and a spent reinforcement sticker sheet (ya know, those little white circle stickers you put on paper to reinforce the punch holes?) with some paint to add a little something extra.  IMG_9844

So that’s what I have been up to in my Dylusions journal!  This coming week is a whole new everything, and I *hope* to get my act together and do more….but if I don’t, I won’t et That Voice tell me to just give up (which it usually does, and I usually listen to.).  No, I’ll pick up where and when I can and just roll with it! 

(and I got some fun stencils and sprays on sale at Tuesday Morning and Michael’s last week, so I am excited to play!)

what art are you making these days?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Transitioning into Independence :: EK and her weekly agenda

EK came to me recently, asking me for permission to let her plan her week.  I agree, feeling that it’s been time for her to step into more responsibility. 

She got her basket, and I got my bag.IMG_9884

I walked her through the process, having her do all the writing, working through the booklist.  She is in Year 4 of Ambleside Online’s “curriculum,” by the way.

Some of the things that she will have to do:

look through books such as the Bible, This Country of Ours, Minn of the Mississippi and Daulaire’s Greek Myths (instead of Age of Fable) to decide how each should be broken up during the week.

make sure that she plans lighter books and a shorter to-do list on Wednesday, as that is her day to volunteer at the Ministry Center.

Make sure her week is otherwise balanced, with about 2 general readings per day.  When I say “general,” I am meaning those things which she won’t do every day.  Poetry, bible/devotion/AWANA work, copywork, math with Papa are all daily subjects, and therefore don’t count in the “reading” count.  Clear as mud? 


review the expectations for each book: orally narrate everything, an illustration or diagram for her science books, all copywork now in cursive, an entry in her timeline notebook for history readings, and so forth. 

She is quite the independent learner, which should not surprise me: the girl LITERALLY taught herself to read.  (that’s right, Mama couldn’t do it.  but when she was ready, and EIGHT YEARS OLD, the girl took it upon herself to learn.  and she has as insatiable an appetite for the written word as her older sister, who learned before she was 5. Go figure.  Girlfriend also totally potty-trained HERSELF at about 18 months.  NoNoNo, she trained us.  I have never in my life seen anything like this child. God knows what He’s doing, because Mama sure doesn’t!!)IMG_9885

Monday, February 2, 2015

What Our Week Looked Like 25–30 January

Sunday :: church – play – a church family is moving to KY, and our church had a going-away party for them.  EK made Preacher Cookies and SA made, for the first time, a dessert: chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. mmmmmmm!!


(she had a wee bit of help)

Monday, 26 January

Proclaiming this day as the Day of the Fire – the kids made fires outside  Well…in all fairness, the two big girls did their school work as well.  HR and SA worked outside all day, coming in only long enough to eat a super fast lunch!


And I wonder why it takes so long for these girls to finish their work…IMG_9910

Tuesday, 27 January … and the rest of it.

Snowman pancakes, thanks to Chef SADSC_0057

and strawberry-maple syrup by MGDSC_0058

He likes grapefruit!  Go figure!DSC_0059

And this is how school gets done many days – shushing a crying “baby” for OCJ.DSC_0078

Life of Fred “Apples” mini-lesson on counting by 5’sIMG_9919

I think the watercolor free-painting session with the Littles might be our anchor when the Bigs go with Papa.  They enjoy it so!IMG_9923

MG working in her Writer’s NotebookIMG_9930

Helping Super-Papa get clothes out of the dryer!  IMG_9931

Another new fruit was a hit: pomegranate!  And, did you know you can eat the little seed?  I had no idea it was ok (or, palatable) to do that!  They took it down in record time!IMG_9941

Oh, how I wish I got a picture of this piece of paper!  EK is making an agenda for OCJ, and the things on the list were so sweet!IMG_9942

HR having a brain break (read: Goldfish) while Papa does “school” with SA.  She loves her Rod & Staff books, and thinks she is something else with her bag of “’chool books”.  homeschoo

Blasting some primes!IMG_9946

I suppose that snowman crafting was on OCJ’s schedule.IMG_9947

At the end of the week, EK decided to make Mrs. Weasley’s Onion Soup.  (what?  she isn’t baking???)  She stopped midway to get the apron…and her wand (look in her pocket.)IMG_9950

Cookbook purchased for MG years ago, and it’s getting some mileage!IMG_9954

What did your week look like?

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