Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Weeks, Rounding out March


I said I would get quiet here, didn’t I?  Thankfully my all-day nausea has subsided, but it has been thoroughly replaced with this extreme fatigue.  I don’t recall feeling this weary with my other pregnancies – has anyone else ever experienced this? 


Because of that, there were no schoolish updates, but things *were* happening!  I’d do better (and be more likely to actually publish) to share some snaps of the last couple weeks of March! 

There was swinging on the “long rope”  (I tell ya’, this has been the best outdoor toy!  So go find a tree and swing a rope around it, folks!  Wait.  That didn’t sound right…)

Our Cowboy-in-training working on a cowboy of his own


There was a beautiful Friday morning…

IMG_20120324_164945  IMG_20120324_162514
…followed by the freakiest, get-caught-in-a-scary-as-all-get-out-hailstorm-with-tornado-warnings weather on Saturday! (Never.  Never in my life, ya’ll. Huge stones.  Could not see our wipers. Looked like winter.  Angels were around us, no question.) We finally made it from our stranded on the side-of-the-road location across to the gas station – with a basement.  We were there for over an hour, before we drove that last 2.5m home.  Get this: there was ZERO hail at our house.  Weird.

That crazy experience was followed by a glorious week of:

IMG_20120324_105058   IMG_20120326_093026IMG_20120324_120032   IMG_20120327_170901
Leftover-Paint Painting, “washing” dishes, garden journal making, and of course…swinging on the “long rope”

Homebuilding.  They attempted Quiet Time under there.  Guess how long that lasted?

There were various school-type activities, and I am finding myself strolling BACK over to Ambleside Online.  I can’t stop myself. 

More lovely colors of purple and yellow springing up all over the yard!

IMG_20120329_183736   IMG_20120328_114307IMG_20120327_083651   IMG_20120326_120015
And to round out the month of March, we moved math and other subjects into Spaces of Greatest Comfort, partook of more “long rope” action, worked our own little plots of garden, and spent time savoring the journey with Christ.

So do tell: how have YOU been?

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