Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our 2011-2012 Curriculum Choices,*Greatly* Amended

I posted ::HERE:: about the choices we had made for our 2011-2012 school year. 
Hmm.  I wonder how much coffee I had coursing through my veins then. 
In all fairness, it’s all good stuff, and most of it was pretty awesome, and we intend to keep some of it for later.
But the darnedest thing happens when you get hold of this:IMG_20120219_095328
Yes, friends, things change.  We have a super-mobile, adventure-seeking 2 year old living here, and a spit-fire cowboy the age of 5 that hangs his hat here, too.  That pretty little stick up there explained why Mama here had been so incredibly tired all the time.  It also ushered in some crazy nausea. And heart accelerations.  And mystery, debilitating leg pain.
So guess where most of that original plan went?  Mm-hmm, that’s right. 
Out de do’. 
So instead of pages and pages of lapbooking and pulling from this one and that one, I went back to Tried and True…
I homeschool with AO logo
I love it.  EK is in Year 1, and MG is in Year 4, with a couple Year 5 books thrown in.
We are using Queen Homeschool Cursive for MG, still, but that is, erm…a challenge right now.
I am using Delightful Reading  from Simply Charlotte Mason and these I See Sam books that a neighbor gave us for EK’s reading. Sam, of Sam’s Noggin gives a great review of them, but all I have are the books and they are fine for the moment.IMG_20120327_095317
I also started MG on Prima Latina, and it’s pretty cool.  We are only beginning Lesson 3, but it’s fun to speak in Latin!
We are slowly working through Math-U-See, but I am not doing as much teaching as just letting them go with it.  I feel bad, but they seem to doing fine.  MG doesn’t like the bars; she wants to do it all in her head.  Papa vouches for it – he’s a the math professor, so I’ll go along with it (even if I can’t understand half of her thinking.)
HR is still sort of rolling along, but one of the things that has gotten consistent-er than most things (tee hee hee!  Shouldn’t that be a word?) is our time together.  It’s rough, I’m not going to lie, but I am determined to keep it and figure out how to make it work, which means, in part, child training.  I said it: Child Training.  They have to learn to sit down and listen.  Good skill, I think.
Our time together includes a bible story, Collette’s Jesus Tree devotion (gasp!  it’s over!), catechism, verse of the week, and then we get into poetry.  We have a poem of the week we hear, and can learn, then I read out of a poetry book for EK, HR, and MG.  It’s still growing on MG.
There has been no Mystery of History lately, only because of time and energy, and no Apologia Astronomy, mainly because I am bored with it.  (GASP!  Did I just admit that?)  And that I have run out of time and energy. 
There has been more of this:
And I would share his rocket play testing, but for I can’t find my cell phone, where all my pictures are trapped!
I am still using Debra Bell’s Ultimate Homeschool Planner and successfully trashing it, in an effort to work with my changing needs desires. Remember?  I posted a review about it  some time back, right ::HERE::   I am so darn picky!  Thankfully, it’s very forgiving and lets me have my way.  Next year, I won’t unbind it.  Bad idea.  Hard Knox, that’s where I learn.  :)
I am probably leaving something out, and will return later to update, but for now the thing to remember is we are doing less, with the Bible, Ambleside Online, and just enjoying the days!

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