Monday, October 17, 2011

The Ultimate Winner is……


~~ Becca Schlabach! ~~

Becca shared,

“Well, we have barely started as we didn't have money for books! God has showed His goodness by providing the funds we needed to by them. I would love one of these planners, they look wonderful!”

Isn’t God good?  Becca’s testimony speaks to how God provides again and again and again – we just to trust that He will do so!  I have loved reading all the wonderful things you have had to say – and there were many! I would love to share some with you!


**My children are learning not only the three R's, but also learning from me and the way I interact and react to each situation EVERYDAY.  God gives strength for each new day.  

**I have my children's heart.  God is acknowledged in every aspect of our schooling.  My children know they can come to me if they have a problem or need prayer.

**God has blessed us in leading us to homeschool as a way of life for our family! As missionaries overseas, God led us to homeschool when our son was starting Grade 1. Now 7 years later, we have found blessing compound upon blessing as we continue to homeschool.

**Just this week something wonderful happened.  My in-laws have been wary of my homeschooling, but this week my son has started to read words and short sentences.  My father-in-law said I was doing a good job!  I was so excited.  :)  I had been praying about it, and God heard me.

**It is awe inspiring to see that God really is at the heart of our homeschool. I am reminded of Him daily in our lesson plans and in my children's responses to the quiet, but determined way in which my husband and I go about building layers of faith and life into them.


I could go on and on with these! 

For whatever reason you came into homeschooling, I pray that each of you reading today will continue to seek God’s will in it all – because if you’re in God’s will, you are always ok!

Thank you to Debra Bell and Apologia for the opportunity to review and host this giveaway – it was a blast!  And, thank you, readers for reading and sharing (because Blogger doesn’t seem to want to – bah!) and joining in! 

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