Saturday, September 17, 2011

Living History, Chunk 1

I have been absent from blogging because of life, but I wanted to share *alot* of pictures from the terrific weekend!
This is a very picture heavy post, but I hope you enjoy experiencing living history with us!
(and forgive me for doing this rather quickly -- I need to eat my oreos prepare for my Sunday School lesson!)
We went to a Civil War re-enactment just down the road a piece. It was just supposed to be Pa and MG.
Plans changed, and I am so glad. Had I stayed home and "gotten something done," (not sure what with the other three here) I would have missed the education and the good times with my family.
We had never been to such a thing, and I'm no history buff, but the soldiers-on-steed bearing the flags, standing sentinel at the entrance gave me pause.

Once we got out and going, we saw a serious discussion of officials.

HR was quiet all day, but it wasn't the demeanor of a boy oblivious. He had the posture and look of Taking It All In.

The Intolerable Mess escapes no one, not even on the battlefield. This does not provide me hope ;)

We talked at length with a Union soldier, who had no need of a tent. Hmmph. He was kind enough to share some hardtack with us. SA approved!

Taking It All In from On High.

The Hardtack Soldier with a Bayonet (right?)

The battle was not yet waging, but there was about to Something to happen, if'n we didn't see to some rations for these young soldiers of ours.

Down the road a smidge was the Booker T. Washington Museum, a living museum that is a treasure!
But first, those rations!

Children's activities....



A Sheng (or Cheng?): where the harmonica came from!

Flat-foot dancing!

Game of the Graces, a really cool game!

There is so much more to share, but Blogger has seen fit to call the shots on how many images I can add. Hmmph.

I'll be back after I get more oreos I finish my lesson!
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