Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In the Garden: Tending

Our garden is small, but a bit more organized than last year. 

And I love it. 


Seriously, it’s the most plain little garden ever, but I love to get out there, sans gloves, and Tend.  Don’t you love that word?  Say it with me, now:

I love to tend to my our garden.


I love to tend to our children.

I love to tend to my coffee.

           But I digress….  (hee hee)

In case you are wondering what I am tending, we have…
two rows of green beans, twos rows of some snack snap peas, as well as 4 bell pepper plants, and several cucumber plants.  I think EK planted a pumpkin in there as well!  On the other side of the house, we have three apple trees, one peach tree, and 6 blueberry “sticks.” 

And so we must Tend!



We had a week back, then made a last-minute surprise trip back to NC for Father’s Day.  In that long weekend, the beans really began to hit their stride!

Come, go with me through our garden won’t you?

Carrots, according to the critters, it’s what’s for dinner ;)

A few of our “cage-free” tomatoes.  (Pay no attention to the weeds the grow behind-such things require big tools) We also have 6 plants which we have in a cage, seen in the left portion of the picture.

Bryan set up a climbing wall for about 1/3 of the green beans plants, but these guys couldn’t wait to get going~

Not shown, but we also harvested two big bunches of those snap peas!  I love that!  Granted, a portion of that harvest never saw the in-of-doors, but harvested all the same!  We plan to nibble and enjoy this week!



So, how does your garden grow?

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