Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome to the new blog, { With eager hands } !

I am so glad you made it here!  Did you come by way of Adventures in Living & Learning, my old blog?  Perhaps you found us through another blog you enjoy with your tea or coffee?
Either way, I am so glad you are here!  I have already begun posting, so mill around and see what all is here!  I plan to add a smidge more over the next few months, so I do hope that you will stop in often!
To welcome you, I will have 3 giveaways through the end of April – hooray!
But let’s not wait another minute for the giveaways to begin!
Today I celebrate { with eager hands } as well as the budding business of one of my dearest friends. 
Have you yet been to Homegrown and Beeyoutiful
No?!  Oh, you should!  You MUST! 
     This beautiful woman has a testimony that has only deepened my respect for her.  She has a real gift for hospitality – The Lord has used her in our homeschool group in a mighty way because she followed His leading.  What’s more, she is a hoot and a holler, ya’ll, a Hoot and a HOLLA!  She keeps us all in stitches!
     And yet, she has a deep passion for Christ and this passion pervades every part of her life.  From her decision to homeschool using Charlotte Mason methods, to her hobby of photography, (which isn’t really a hobby!) to starting her own soap making business, she always sought FIRST God’s will. 
Homegrown & Beeyoutiful began as a way to nourish her son’s skin.  Says Amanda,
“Our oldest son Levi has suffered with eczema since he was an infant. Real soap is the only soap he can use that is safe and non-toxic for his sensitive skin. Since we began making soap for him, our entire family has been greatly blessed by the benefits of real soap.”
rosemary mint soap
I remember when Amanda began her soap making work, so excited about every new thing she learned, testing out new things, learning from her mistakes.  It has been a thrill to see her learn her craft!  Here is what she has to say about her product:
honey oatmeal
“Long ago soap companies began removing natural soap ingredients to increase profits. This required them to add many harsh chemicals to soap. This process makes soap more detergent than soap.
Real soap cannot be made without Lye. Lye when mixed with oils goes through a chemical change that turns the oils into "Real Soap" without any added chemicals.
Levi's Lye Soap is safe for all skin types. Our soap is handmade here at our home with our homegrown herbs. Because each bar is handcut, you will not find a bar that is exactly the same. Each bar is around 3.5-4.5 ounces. It is a vegetarian based soap that contains no animal products and only natural ingredients.”
I have used all her soap and love it.  I am partial to the rosemary mint, as I love the scent and the slight exfoliant action it brings.  The kids prefer the honey oatmeal, as it mild and relaxing in scent and wonderful for our two who struggle with skin issues as well.
* * * * * * *
Levis Lye Soap logo
Amanda is graciously giving away 4 bars of her Homegrown & Beeyoutiful soap one of my readers!  The giveaway will last until March 31.  Here’s how you can maximize your  chances to win!
(Note: you will need to return to add a comment for each entry, please!)
1st chance: head to Amanda’s Etsy shop, Homegrown and Beeyoutiful and see what her offerings are.  Return here to share which bar of soap you might like best!
2nd chance: “Follow” this blog using the Google Followers in the top right section of the sidebar
3rd chance: Subscribe to the RSS feed
4th chance: Share about the giveaway on Facebook!
5th chance: Tweet about the giveaway, or email your friends!
6th chance: Share this giveaway on your own blog!
At the end of the giveaway, I will announce the winners – good luck, and I look forward to meeting you!


  1. I love the new blog, Sally! I look forward to moseying around and getting to know you all! :0)

  2. THanks, Adriane! Glad you made it over here!

  3. Sally,
    All you have said about Amanda is so true! And that soap is awesome!

    Love the new blog!

  4. We love our Amanda, don't we, especially when it makes us smell good!

  5. Sally, your new blog is wonderful! I enjoyed reading your posts - you have such a kind, sweet way with words, too :)

    I am excited about your giveaway - Amanda's soap looks beautiful (actually it sounds about good enough to eat, LOL!) & I've been thinking about trying some for awhile!

    I'm {eager} to follow you here & looking forward to getting to know you better!


  6. Beautiful, Sally! I have always enjoyed reading about your adventures. The blog looks great! I also love handmade soap, so here goes:

    1- Sadie's Lavendar- oooh I can smell it from here! Lavendar is my favorite. =)

    2&3- Done!

    4&5- Done!

    6- Done- Although my blog is the very EARLY stages, I got it started! =)

  7. Ellen, so glad you are here!!! I can't WAIT to see your blog!!!

  8. Sally the new blog looks great!!!!!

    I LOVE handmade soap especially having a sensitive little here as well. So the unscented bar would be the way I would go :).

    Wishing you many blessings for your new blog.

  9. I just wandered to the etsy shop. I might want to be practical and go unscented, but that rosemary mint looks awfully inviting. :)
    Hayley ;)

  10. Aaand...#2, so excited to have found my google reader to keep up w/ all the blogs I've started following. :) I've only seen your updates through facebook and ravelry till now. This'll be easier.

  11. What a welcoming and sweet post from a sweet mama Sally.

    Oh, you really put me up thar way too high!

    As Collete said, I'm EAGER to follow you here too!

    Thanks Sally!!!

  12. I would love the Rosemary Mint soap!

    And I'm looking forward to your new blog!

  13. I'm now following! You have a lovely site here.

  14. The rosemary mint sounds wonderful!!! I'm amazed at Amanda's talents... She is such a sweetie.


  15. I'm a follower... This looks like it will be another favorite of mine!! :-)

  16. Okay did number 6. Told ya I like homemade soap :).

  17. Oh, wow! Love the idea of the rosemary mint :-)

  18. I'm already a (very happy) follower of this blog :-)

  19. Like your new blog Sally! And I think I am going to have to try Sadie's Lavendar! Our homeschool group is blessed to have both you and Amanda as a part of the group!


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